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05 Jul 2020
Acts 1:12-26
Andrew Sach

INTRODUCTION: good foundations are important

1. Does Judas’ betrayal undermine the foundation? No!

-It makes a difference to know that it was predicted (v20 cf. Psalm 69:25)

-Compare Acts 2:23; 4:27-28; 13:27

-Compare Luke 21:16-19; Acts 14:22


-Compare Acts 20:29

ASIDE: How do we reconcile Acts 1:18-19 with Matthew 27:3-10?

2. Does Matthias complete the foundation? Yes!

-He was an eyewitness of the resurrection (vv21-22)

-He was chosen by God (vv23-26)

-So then there were twelve (v26; cf. v6, v8)

APPLICATION: have confidence in the apostolic foundation (i.e. the New Testament)
and so have confidence that Jesus is Lord and Christ.




-How does this passage give you confidence in the apostolic foundation of the church?

-How would you reply to someone who said, “I like Jesus, but I don’t like the institution
of the church”?