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Date: 28 Jun 2020
Bible: Acts 1:1-11
Speaker: Andrew Sach

The journey of Jesus to his throne 

Judea Jerusalem Heaven 


Luke 2:4



Luke 9:51



Acts 1:2, 11



A fulfilment of Daniel 7 and Psalm 110






The journey of the news of Jesus’ enthronement 

Heaven Jerusalem Judea  Everywhere

In the power of the Holy Spirit… 

(Acts 1:4, 8; compare Luke 3:16)



…the apostles will be Jesus’ witnesses… 

(Acts 1:8)



…and we must join them...



…until the King’s return.
(Acts 1:11)

-If someone asked you what difference Jesus’ death and resurrection had made to the world,
what would you say?

-How does it change the way you see the purpose of Grace Church Greenwich?

-How does this change the way you see the purpose of your life here on this earth?