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Date: 26 Apr 2020
Bible: 2 Kings 20
Speaker: Andrew Sach

INTRODUCTION: How much time do we have left?


The message in c.701 BC

1) In his mercy, God gives 15 years more (20:1-11)

- For Hezekiah

- For the city of Jerusalem


2) In his wrath, God gives only 15 years more (20:12-21)


The message in 2020 AD

The New Covenant works the same way: we too are on borrowed time

- Repent!


The New Covenant works differently: Jesus is an eternal-Hezekiah

- Rejoice!



(for those who are not Christians):

-what timescale have you set yourself for making decisions about life and death and spiritual things? Why is it dangerous to put it off?

(for those who are Christians):

-how will our priorities change if we remind ourselves that this world is on borrowed time? How can we find comfort in the eternal kingdom of Jesus?