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02 Feb 2020
Exodus 20:1-17
Andrew Sach

God's Top Ten:

Honour Your Parents

Exodus 20:12


  1. Honour your father and mother -

  your life depends on it!























  2. (In a context where your father and mother are the ones teaching you to obey the Lord).























- for parents








  - for children of Christian parents








  - for children of non-Christian parents








  3. Look to the perfect example

- God is the perfect Father









  - Jesus is the perfect Son










  -Is there something that needs to change in your attitude towards your own parents as a result of this sermon? What specific steps might you take?

  -Are there ways in which you can support those with responsibility as parents at Grace Church? Or those with responsibility towards (eg. elderly) parents?

  -Are there ways you can support the discipling of children at Grace Church?