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19 Jan 2020
Exodus 20:1-17
Andrew Sach

God's Top Ten:

Don't Misuse My Name

Exodus 20:7


  1) God’s name sums up who he is

  - promise-keeper





- redeemer





- warrior





- ever-present Father






  2) God’s name is (therefore) a blessing for Christians


  - we can call on it












  - we can be called by it











  3) God wants his name to be known















  4) God hates for his name to be dishonoured


   - don’t take it falsely








  - don’t take it emptily








  5) God won’t hold guiltless anyone who takes his name in vain









  -Do people in your life associate you with the name of Jesus?
-Do you think you are good or bad PR for his brand?