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24 Nov 2019
John 16:16-28
Andrew Latimer

“When I’m Gone:

You Will Have Invincible Joy

John 16:16-28


  Introduction: the pursuit of happiness



  1) Jesus wins us invincible joy (vv16-22)












































  2)…by bringing us into relationship with God. (vv23-28)



  -Knowing God


















  -Enjoying access to God…

  …on Jesus’ authority









…with Jesus’ aims










-What things do you look to in life to bring you happiness? Why do you think so many experiences of happiness are partial and short-lived?

-Are there times when you feel God is more likely to answer your prayers than at other times? What difference should it make knowing that we’re praying on Jesus’ authority?

-Do we tend to think of salvation as a thing? What difference should it make to the way we pray knowing that salvation is the relationship?

-What kinds of things hold us back from praying? What truths from this passage can help us knock-down those obstacles?