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17 Nov 2019
John 16:4-15
Andrew Sach

“When I’m Gone:

Prepare For Mission

John 16:4b-15


  Introduction: how will we ever reach a secular world?



  1) It’s easier without Jesus around (?!)















  2) Because the Holy Spirit will convict the world


  …of sin 









  …of righteousness  









  …of judgment









  3) Through the apostles’ Holy-Spirit-taught words     


  Father → Son → Holy Spirit → Apostles → World    











  “Lossless transmission”












-Go on the offensive




  -Trust in the Holy Spirit




  -Get the Bible open








For Christians:
-How can you go on the offensive for Jesus?
-How can you rely on the Holy Spirit more?
-How could you get the Bible open with an unbeliever?

For those looking into things:
-How can you get into the Bible more? What can you expect as you do that?