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03 Nov 2019
John 15:1-17
Andrew Latimer

“When I’m Gone:

Stay Connected

John 15:1-17


  What is a well-lived life?


1) Fruitfulness is what counts (v1-2)























  2) Fruitfulness comes from being connected to the Vine (v3-6)



















  3) So let’s grow in our relationship with Jesus (v7-17)


   -Pray in Jesus’ name









   -Receive Jesus’ words









   -Share Jesus’ Love










  What do we tend to think is the key to living a productive life? How does Jesus’ teaching challenge us?

  Corporately God’s people never managed to live fruitful lives and ended up in exile as a result. How would you summarise the good news that Jesus announces in these verses?

  In this passage prayer, bible reading, and sharing Jesus’ love are set in the wider context of remaining in Jesus’ love and enabling us therefore to live fruitful lives. How might understanding this wider context help our motivations? What practical changes would you like to make?