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15 Sep 2019
John 13:1-17
Andrew Latimer

When I’m Gone:

Love Humbly

John 13:1-17



  What is life all about?



  Humble love is what God is all about




  Jesus reveals God’s love















  …willingly humbling himself















  …to cleanse us.













  Humble love is what we should be all about




  We must first be served by Jesus


















  …then we can serve like Jesus.


















  How would you answer the question: “what is life all about?”


  What do you make of the statement: “we must first be served by Jesus before we can serve like Jesus”? Why do you think we can be reluctant to come to Jesus for cleansing?


  How would you describe the difference mentioned in v10 between having a bath and having our feet washed? How could you grow in the habit of regular foot-washing?


  What might it look like practically to follow Jesus’ example of humble service of others at work, and at home etc? How does this passage help to motivate us?