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10 Feb 2019
Philippians 1:1-11
Andrew Latimer

“The citizens’ ambition”

Philippians 1:1-11



Don’t find yourself on the wrong side of history



1. Gospel partnership shows that
God is at work in you























2. …and God finishes what he starts
























3. …so pray for ever-increasing
discerning love






































Coffee questions

Paul is sure that God has started a good work in the Philippians because of the change in their lives.
Are there any changes the gospel has produced in your life which you can thank God for?


In the Christian life, it’s easy to be more aware of our sin than of what God has done in us.
What difference does it make remembering that God always finishes what he starts, and how can we embed this truth in our thinking?


How does knowing that God finishes what he starts, help us to prioritise his work of transformation in our lives?
How can you be praying for increasing discerning love in yourself and others this week - be practical?