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13 Jan 2019
1 Kings 21
Andrew Sach

Nothing escapes God’s notice

1 Kings 21




1. The tyranny of king Ahab (and his wife Jezebel)


He broke the 10th commandment 




He wants to un-rescue Israel (vineyards and vegetable gardens!)




She uses religion as a political weapon





APPLICATION: Many will suffer at the hands of the powerful, and even at the hands of the religious






2. The justice and the mercy of God


God sees the exploitation of the vulnerable




Ahab and Jezebel will go to the dogs, literally (v19, v23; cf. 14:11; 16:4)




But God is delighted at Ahab’s repentance and shows some mercy (v27-29)




APPLICATION: The oppressor must watch out; the oppressed can take comfort






3. The glory of King Jesus 



He can sympathise with Naboth
(Matthew 26:59-60)





He is nothing like Ahab





APPLICATION: No-one will suffer under this king