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21 Oct 2018
John 10:22-42
Andrew Latimer

“Why I can’t believe:
The Trinity is nonsensical

John 10:22-42



What the Jewish leaders get right:








1. Jesus is one with the Father






















2. … so we can be safe forever




















3. … so believing in Jesus is crucial





































Coffee questions:

Sometime people think the doctrine of the Trinity doesn’t impact normal life, how does this passage help us see otherwise?


Do you ever feel unsure about whether you will keep going as a Christian? What difference does it make to hear Jesus say, “No one will snatch them out of my hand”?


Sometimes people misunderstand Jesus to be claiming to be an alternative or rival deity. How can we learn from the way Jesus expresses his deity in relation to the Father?


In this passage Jesus makes a final evangelistic appeal to a crowd of people who are trying to kill him. Let’s praise our Saviour and ask to have a heart like his.