All talks » I can see the world clearly without religion

07 Oct 2018
John 9
Andrew Latimer

“Why I can’t believe:
I can see the world clearly without religion”

John 9


Truth is important but how can we identify and embrace it?



1. The physical illustration:
Jesus gives sight to those born blind (1-7)







2. The spiritual reality: Jesus gives sight ... and takes it away (8-41)






As we respond to Jesus, he gives us increasing sight















But if we refuse him, we remain blind
















Have humility






Have courage






Have confidence













Coffee questions:

In what ways might we be refusing to respond to the Light we have already received? How does this passage help motivate us?


In what ways are we, like the blind man’s parents, tempted to let fear hold us back from testifying about Jesus? How can this passage help us?


When are we tempted to be intimidated by the opinions of those who don’t believe? How does it help to know that Jesus is the One who gives spiritual sight?