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30 Sep 2018
John 8:31-59
Andrew Sach

“Why I can’t believe:

I’m alright Jack!

John 8:31-59





The offer: Jesus can set us free (v32, 36)





The offence: they don’t think they are slaves (v33)


A history lesson



A biology lesson – who’s in whose family?



Abraham is our father (v39)

If you were Abraham’s children... (v39)

God is our father (v41)

If God were your father... (v42)


You are children of the devil (v44)

You have a demon (v48)



God is my Father (vv49-50)


Abraham rejoiced that he would see my day (v56)



A geography lesson – an analogy



The outcome: Jesus is God and they are enslaved to the devil (v58-59)




An English lesson:
Before Abraham was I am (v58)




Compare Moses and the burning bush
 (Exodus 3:14)








1) Sinners will always reject Jesus by nature






2) If we have accepted Jesus,
it’s only because he has set us free







3) If others are to accept Jesus,
he must set them free