Ministry Trainee Volunteer

Come and enjoy one or two years growing in discipleship and serving Christ’s church in Greenwich.

Grace Church Greenwich began in 2015 as a partnership between St Helen’s Bishopsgate and St Peter’s Barge. We are a growing church with lots of exciting opportunities for building up brothers and sisters in the faith, and reaching out to others. We seek to be a community where God's grace is received and lived out – and we put particular emphasis on hearing God’s Word, especially through preaching and group Bible studies. Our two pastors, Andrew Latimer and Andrew Sach, share the preaching and care for the church family, and equip the Ministry Trainees for their work too.

What would I do?

There are many great opportunities for Ministry Trainees, such as:

ministry trainees
  • Excellent training at Cornhill (run by Proclamation Trust);
  • Mentoring by Andrew Latimer and Andrew Sach. (Our smaller size means there's an unusual amount of direct contact time with them, with regular opportunities to talk through all aspects of church life);
  • Co-leading a small group each week, with regular feedback on how you lead studies;
  • Pastoral care for the people within your small group, in the various issues they face;
  • Being a member of a leaders’ group, stretching you in your understanding of the Bible;
  • Taking part in our staff reading group where we’ve discussed a variety of books including those by Peter Leithart, Tim Keller, Mike Reeves and Dr Peter Williams;
  • Leading 1-to-1s with people within the church, and students from local universities;
  • Attending our monthly evangelistic "Big Questions" events;
  • Attending our “Bitesize Theology” sessions where we’ve grappled with doctrines like the atonement, the church and creation;
  • Involvement with other areas of church life such as crèche and Sunday school
  • Organising our student weekend away;
  • Joining two weekends away for the whole church with brilliant speakers;
  • Being part of a wonderful church family of all ages who will seek to take good care of you even as you care for them.

What about money?

Our Ministry Trainee positions are volunteer roles and are therefore unpaid. We would encourage you to raise your own support from gospel-minded friends. It can be awkward to ask for money, but actually it gives others an opportunity for real gospel partnership (see Philippians 4:10-20), and it's a good thing in particular for Christians starting to earn to learn to give. Exactly how much you raise would be flexible, and partly depends on accommodation (about which we can give advice). But to give a rough idea, recent Ministry Trainees have required £1000-1500 a month. Grace Church is keen to assist you in your fundraising efforts and will help you work out the practicalities. The church family will be happy to cover the cost of your Cornhill fees and we can discuss other support if required when the results of your own fundraising are known.

What is it really like to be a Ministry Trainee?

Sam, one of our previous Ministry Trainees says:

"Volunteering at Grace Church Greenwich has a whole host of privileges and challenges. The depth and range of teaching provided, mixed with the day-to-day business of running a local church in London, provides a rich and fulfilling experience of how the world of ministry looks and feels”.

Want to know more?

Do come and visit us one Sunday! You can find the most up to date information about our meetings here.

Get in touch

If you are interested, please contact telling us a bit about you and provide us with the names and contacts of two referees (one of whom should be your current church leader) to begin the application process.

Please feel free to contact our church leaders:
Andrew Latimer
Andrew Sach

church family